Periodontal Abscess

 I enjoy researching videos, photos, and articles of periodontal disease.  Its very interesting to me, Even more interesting is the fact that periodontal disease can be revered if taken care of early enough and properly by both a hygienist and yourself.

A periodontal abscess is rapidly growing bacteria located in a space between your teeth and gums called a periodontal pocket.  The pocket deepens to the point that plaque, tartar, and/or food then becomes trapped within.  The body’s immune system at this point cannot adequately combat the infection.

Periodontal disease is extreamly destructive; if you don’t have it properly treated it can result in irreversible damage to the surrounding ligaments and bone.  This will ultimatley cause you yo lose the tooth/teeth.

When the plaque and calculus is removed by scaling and root planning; this creates a healthier environment, thereby eliminating the infection.

Enjoy this video, hope it helps you understand the process of periodontal disease and realize how important it is to maintain your hygiene visits and take proper at home care of your teeth.


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