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Gum Disease Prevention

Can gum disease be prevented?  Yes in most circumstances, no in rare instances.  Periodontal disease prevention is centered around plaque control (brushing, flossing, professional maintenance), healthy lifestyle (smoking, eating, clenching teeth), good health and good genetics.

Plaque, tarter, calculus was thought to be the only cause for gum disease when I was in the Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery in the early 1980’s.  It is the major risk factor but certainly not the only factor.  Personal habits and genetic have a major impact also.

Without a doubt the earlier in life a person realizes and takes control of their own life/dental health, the lower the chance of gum disease and the greater chance for one to keep their teeth.

I have been a practicing dentist, treating gum disease, in Palm Harbor FL since 1988.  Nowadays dentists/patients have many treatment options.  Speak with your dentist or call my office if you are in need of help.

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