Periodontal Disease

Animals have problems with their teeth too!

 Not only do humans get periodontal disease but animals can too. I found out that most wild animals avoid major dental problems simply just by dying before their teeth go bad. Wild animals tend to only live a few years unlike our pets. Wild and pet animals rarely get cavities because there diet doesn’t have sugary foods unless they eat people food. 

The problem is that tartar sticks to the teeth and irritates the gums. Its better if you give your pet hard food and/or treats that help clean the teeth and gums. You also can see your vet on a regular bases and your pet might need there teeth cleaned every few years, it all depends on your pet mouth. 

About age six for cats and dogs gum disease will start to dissolve the bone around their teeth, teeth drop out, and some times abscesses form. Unless there properly cared for. When gum disease is present your pets breath will have a smelly odor, brown deposits on the back of their teeth. There may also have a redness along the gumline.  

When it gets to this point it’s uncomfortable for your pet to chew anything hard,so their is less chewing and the mouth gets worse that much faster. In some cases it gets so bad that it becomes untreatable by the vet and they will start to fall out or can be extracted by the vet. 

I know it might sound strange to take your pet to the vet for cleans and extractions. Take look inside your pets mouth and see if they have any redness or swelling. Thank you for reading. 

Normal or diseased dog mouth

You make the choice for your pet!




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Periodontal Abscess

 I enjoy researching videos, photos, and articles of periodontal disease.  Its very interesting to me, Even more interesting is the fact that periodontal disease can be revered if taken care of early enough and properly by both a hygienist and yourself.

A periodontal abscess is rapidly growing bacteria located in a space between your teeth and gums called a periodontal pocket.  The pocket deepens to the point that plaque, tartar, and/or food then becomes trapped within.  The body’s immune system at this point cannot adequately combat the infection.

Periodontal disease is extreamly destructive; if you don’t have it properly treated it can result in irreversible damage to the surrounding ligaments and bone.  This will ultimatley cause you yo lose the tooth/teeth.

When the plaque and calculus is removed by scaling and root planning; this creates a healthier environment, thereby eliminating the infection.

Enjoy this video, hope it helps you understand the process of periodontal disease and realize how important it is to maintain your hygiene visits and take proper at home care of your teeth.


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